Our goals must compete for our willpower and resources.  Often one goal prevents us from achieving other goals because we don’t have the energy to do everything.  We try to do too much and then we fail at everything.  EvenContinue reading

Bill Hartman Physical Therapist

Over the holidays I sat down with Bill Hartman to talk about working, learning, how to create the perfect athlete, as well as how he broke into the publishing industry.

If you’re not already familiar with Bill, he is a physical therapist working out of Indianapolis. There he co-owns a gym and PT clinic. His clients include kids, professional athletes, CEOs, and average joes.

His internship program at IFAST has generated a number of world class physical therapists and trainers, many of whom now work in the NBA.

This was a fun talk and I hope you enjoy it. Continue reading

Zach Moore

We all want to be better at achieving our goals. I sat down with Zach Moore, coach at Precision Nutrition, to talk about how he coaches clients and helps them achieve those goals.  We covered behavior change as well asContinue reading


It’s easy to look around and say I feel overwhelmed or I don’t have time. We’re constantly bombarded with distraction and other people’s priorities. However, the vast majority of this stress and distraction we bring on ourselves because we seekContinue reading

Why am I so tired

If you’ve ever asked this question, you’ve come to the right place. The importance of sleep can not be underestimated. Improving your sleep can, quite literally, change your life, if you’re sleeping poorly.

You may not even realize that you’re not sleeping well. If you’re always tired during the day, or having trouble falling asleep this guide can help you get better sleep as well as find ways to make time for more sleep. The improvement in quality of life can be substantial. Continue reading