Zach Moore

We all want to be better at achieving our goals.

I sat down with Zach Moore, coach at Precision Nutrition, to talk about how he coaches clients and helps them achieve those goals.  We covered behavior change as well as his background, how he broke into the fitness industry, and what it’s like to work online from home.  Zach also has a great story about how he overcame his own struggle with nutrition.


Download the MP3 Here – Podcast Episode 1: Interview with Zach Moore

If you’re interested in coaching Precision Nutrition opens up their coaching program once or twice a year. They also have a nutrition certification and a great blog.

Zach Moore Olympic LiftingShow Notes

These are some of the books Zach recommended in the show as well as a few others he passed along.

Just for fun I have to toss out this picture I took of Zach Moore Olympic lifting back in 2011.   No excuses!

Don’t forget to check out and tell Zach you want more blog posts and videos!

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