How to protect your privacy

At the time I started writing this article the NSA drama was unraveling, and everyone seemed to be very concerned that their lives were no longer private. What I intend to show you is that the NSA recording your phoneContinue reading

How to Shave7

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The Internet allows obsessive people to gather ‘round their obsessions and document the minute details surrounding a single aspect of life. Somewhere in the far reaches of the Internet I happened upon various groups of people who treat shaving like it’s some sort of hobby. Sociology might call this a tiny subculture.

To you and me shaving is just one more thing we have to do. But to some people, shaving is their profession. There are people who collect razors, people who spend their evenings arguing the merits of different shaving creams; and people who restore shaving gear.

What’s so great about these subcultures is that their years of expertise and trials can be condensed very quickly into a single recommendation. Novices can obtain answers that have taken years for experts to figure out. This can get us to that 80% proficiency without all the initial effort.

Whats more, these subcultures have found all the outliers; the best deals, the vastly superior products. They know about the $60 headphones that sound like $200 headphones. In this story, they know about the blades that cost twenty cents a piece, but outperform the latest $3 razor cartridge.

That’s what this blog is all about. Going straight to the answers, and more importantly finding answers to the questions we didn’t know to ask. Continue reading