Neville wrote a great blog post today on creating a slogan.  You should go read it here.  I wanted to expand on this a little and provide an example. No one is better at tag-lines than politicians A few yearsContinue reading

Anyone that’s ever heard me talk about blogging knows I hate short blog posts.  Most of what I do with clients is force them to write longer and more difficult blog posts. There’s a problem with this though, until you’veContinue reading

Exponential Blogging

People ask what I do and it’s difficult to explain, but part of what I do is teach people to make better websites and get exponential growth to those websites.

A number of people come to me asking for help, often asking me to build websites for them, but it’s not the website that matters. It’s what goes in that website.

The hard work of making something truly remarkable by simply writing better articles and solving your reader’s problems is what makes a successful website. Until this happens, website design or mechanics will do nothing for you.

A close friend of mine wants to become internet famous so he can have a real impact on a great number of people…and so he can buy a lambo some day. So I’m going to document my advice for him here so that you can follow along. Continue reading

Choosing a career

Are you struggling with a career move or lack thereof? Don’t know how to choose a career? Maybe this will help. Questions are written in positive form so you can kinda keep count of yes vs no answers, though someContinue reading

Ferrari Testarossa

Qualifying can help us no matter what our task. Whether you’re trying to convince your girlfriend to go camping or you’re trying to negotiate that million dollar deal, you can save a whole lot of time — and therefore massively increase your ability to persuade — by first qualifying your prospects.

In sales, qualifying is simply evaluating whether a customer is able to buy your product. Whether they need it. Whether they can afford it.

The more time you waste pitching unqualified prospects, the less time you have to close clients who are qualified. The faster and more accurate your qualifying, the more sales you can make.

Qualifying applies to a lot more than sales. Continue reading

What often separates those with massive success and those that end up average is their ability to turn down work.

When I did IT audit the biggest thing that separated our company from the big four accounting firms was our inability to serve large companies. Large companies come with larger budgets, better margins, and longer smoother engagements.

It wasn’t that we didn’t have the staff or that our staff wasn’t as good. In fact our IT people ran circles around most any other firm.

The problem is that we never said no to clients that weren’t as profitable. We were too busy with small clients to focus on winning large clients.

We’d burn through staff people running them all over the country for one week jobs. They grew tired of the travel and tired of the pressure. Eventually I was one of those staff.

That same thing happens in small business and particularly the fitness industry. Type A, motivated people often fail because they can’t say no. They try to promote every way they can, serve every customer, and they never become really great at one thing. They’re not so great at everything. You never get famous for being mediocre.
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